Bedding And Liners

Bedding And Liners

When it comes to lining your cage or vivarium there’s no right answer but several to avoid. Despite manufacturer labels not every small animal product is safe to use for your hedgehog, not all vets advice will determine or be accurate in terms of safety. You need to research and be comfortable with your choices. Some helpful hints are to make a pro and con or benefit and danger evaluation list. Some factors to consider when weighing your options include: accessibility (how and where to buy), dangers to health, appearance, frequency of cleaning, and expense. The choice of bedding used can influence the health and happiness of your pet. A majority of wood, paper, or other processed bedding can be dusty with the chance of parasites such as mites. Fincard, paper pellets and carefresh are two trusted brands by hog owners. If using a disposable substrate you can reduce or eliminate chances of mites by freezing materials for at least 24 hours. Cedar and pine are not advised as the risks to hedgehogs include irritation and quill loss, some hogs have damaged eyes and paws in wooden shavings.

Carefresh and lighter options may embed in your hedgehog’s quills, become stick during boy time and cause a mess over the floor posing are hazard to your hoover. Owners avoiding deodorised bedding or bedding with chemicals as hedgehogs sensitive skin, eyes and allergies can be irritated. A thick layer of substrate can provide space to scoop under your hedgehog when removing them from their cage and provides the chance for your pet to practice their instincts of burrowing.

Many owners use fleece or fabric liners. Many work at home makers make them to measure and with your choice in fabric with accessories to match. Owners on a budget choose poundland or primary fleece blankets and remove any stitching that can catch toes or quills. The downside to fabric and fleece is required washing. If your hog is litter trained it may be as few as once a week changing a liner but messier hogs require frequent changes and washing.

When washing fleece it is best to use natural or non biological washing powder options. Bicarbonate soda in the powder tray, or white vinegar work well and are safe to use. Fragrant options such as fairy can irritate your hog and cause skin rash.

Never use tea tree oil or Eucalyptus as they are known allergens to hogs.

It us up to you to decide the best option for your pet. African Pygmy Hedgehogs are unique and in owning more than one you.may have several different types in use.

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