Behaviour And Personalities

Behaviour And Personalities

Hedgehogs can have various modes and personalities. Some are very friendly and curious while others can be grumpy and ball or even bite. You can influence your head child’s personality in various ways but sometimes hedgehogs are just born and stay grumpy.

One way to positively influence your hedgehogs mood is to keep it on a regular schedule. Handling and feeding at a set time in today while cleaning at a set time each day can help your hedgehog become more friendly. Using a bonding bag while doing chores or other household so cities can help your hedgehog become used to different sounds and movements within the environment. Placing a well worn and smelly article of clothing such as a T-shirt or a pillowcase with in their cage can also allow the hedgehog to become used to your smell and bond with you. It is recommended at least half an hour or 45 minutes a day to spend with each hedgehog alone will increase their friendliness and bonding. Some people are for treats while handling although this is not advised for biting hedgehogs. Playpens can also be used to encourage free roaming while you get on with other things within the house and allowed them to get used to different noises. Some people use ball pits others use the wired playpens to enclose and maintain safety. Another option is an extra large exercise ball available on Amazon and eBay.

Quilling and hormonal changes as well as severe adjustments in the environment such as moving home room or cage can impact your hedgehogs mood. It is important when your hedgehog becomes stressed that you remain calm and continue their schedule while handling gently and patiently. Use of lap blankets or T-shirts while handling a grump your hedgehog can ease the pain of the quills and comfort both you and your hedgehog. It is important to remain calm and continue handling a grumpy hedgehog especially after a tantrum or biting incident. Hedgehogs are naturally antisocial solitary creatures and would prefer to be left alone in their cage although this will not improve their mood or socialisation being left alone.

The ideal times to handle your hedgehog as they are nocturnal creatures are early hours of the morning one later in the evening. Waking your hedgehog to handle means that they will need time to arouse from the sleeping state to interact with you pleasantly. Handling a grumpy hedgehog can be difficult but it is necessary in order to improve their social station and mood as well as bonding. When picking up your hedgehog cup both hands underneath the hedgehog or use the blanket to come and pick them up. Scruffing a hedgehog or grabbing them by the loose skin behind their next is not advised as it can cause discomfort and distress for the hog.

Some people advise giving photographs upon each handling session to clean dirt an exclamation from the hedgehogs feet and allow them to toilet before they are handled. A shallow foot bath with in the sink or small warm top of water can also allow the hedgehog time to wake up and become alert before interacting with you.

After each handling session it is advised that you reward your hedgehog with a treat such as mealworms or wax worms when returning to their cage. Try not to return your hedgehog immediately after a biting or a grumpy incident make sure to end it on a positive happy note.

In sticking to schedule of cleaning,feeding, handling,and ending each handling after positive experience with treats will help encourage your hedgehog to be positive and look forward to being held by you. had chance are honest creatures and always show their moods none of their displays are personal and not necessarily a reflection of you as an owner. Bonding with a grumpy hedgehog can be just as rewarding if not more than owning a friendly hedgehog.

Changes in personality or behaviour can also be a sign of illness or injury.

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