African Pygmy Hedgehogs have specific requirements for living quarters. Solitary creatures should be kept alone to prevent injury or fighting.

The minimum size of cage is 36 inches long by 18 inches wide and 18 inches high. Bigger allows more room for play and activities, the preferred size is 48 inches long by 18 inches wide & 18 inches high.


Vivarium’s are popular because they maintain heat and are easy to clean with easy viewing and access. The precautions are ensuring your viv is sealed as wood can harbour mites and smells, also a lick or wedge for the doors as some hogs are escape artists.Zoozone2

Zoozone 2 extra large is only available in blue and can home your pet hedgehog. The only drawback is che can and have melted plastic sides and wheels. The heating mat tends to be the choice for temperature control used with a thermostat and thermometer.

RabitCageAnother option is indoor rabbit hutch with plastic base. These are great for ventilation but can require minimum modifications. With airflow being open the heating source may require more than one source at each end of the unit. Also some hogs will require anti climbing measures with the wire sides. They may climb but falling can lead to injury. Owners have used chloroplast and bumper pads from cots to discourage climbing. All lower bars must be covered for prevention of climbing and injury.

C&C cages have gained popularity through the ability to adjust shape and stack them for multiple hogs. Guinea pig owners have numerous designs and sources out for creating these structures. Ensure the base is solid and easily cleaned. Chloroplast is a popular choice for the base and as climbing prevention. Like the rabbit cage the need for multiple heat sources may arise with this free flow air design. You can buy c&c materials online or at your storage solutions outlets.

Zoozone1There is also a Zoozone 1, which is available in blue and pink, this size of cage is not suitable for hedgehogs, the colour and the single clip on the top is an easy give-away to its type

People have converted hutches and ferret nation cages for their hedgehogs. The bases require solid sealed floors. Wire can injure delicate hedgehog feet and toes. Ramps for multiple levels need barriers or sides to prevent falls. Hedgehogs are known to misjudge depth with poor eyesight and ramps help keep them safe.

Things to avoid are wire flooring, limited airflow, gaps your pet can become stuck or escape through, anything smaller than 36x18x18. Exposed lower level bars-cover them to prevent climbing.

vivalargebeechplantMany second hand homes are affordable on selling sites and new ones online. Check for voucher codes and reputation. Swell reptiles is well known for customer service and affordability for new equipment. A 48x18x18 can be found for £50-60 and free shipping.

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