Can I use a hamster ball for exercise?

I personally wouldn’t even put a hamster in one. It may seem like your hedgehog is having a good time but when a hedgehog is in one of those balls it will be will be totally traumatised.

So here are a few points to think about.


  • Their sense of smell is cut off, so they will be blind
  • Their hearing is also cut off
  • They have limited viability but this will reduce it completely
  • Constantly crashing into walls and objects will not do your hedgehog any good.
  • Their constant running around is probably an attempt to climb up the sides, they just end up rolling.
  • How can you interact with you hedgehog when its trapped in a ball.
  • Ventilation will also be limited rolling around in poo and wee inside a ball can’t be healthy.
  • Their feet can get trapped in the holes, ending in broken feet or legs.
  • Their nails can get stuck in the holes and ripped out.
  • They still need constant supervision.
  • What happens when the dog runs in and wants to play with the moving ball.
  • They will be totally traumatised


  • Can’t think of any


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