Do hedgehogs need a wheel?

Hedgehogs are highly active creatures at night; they will constantly run around and explore their surroundings during the night. When hedgehogs are enclosed in small cages, they will often run rampant trying to get out and explore, it is not uncommon to find a cage trashed when you get up in the morning. One easy way to combat this urge is to provide a means of running on the spot, this can be done with the aid of a wheel.

Hedgehog wheels need to be solid, or else their delicate legs can get stuck in the bars, this can lead to broken bones and claws. If there are any gaps in the wheel surface claws can also get stuck and ripped out easily. Hedgehog wheels need open on one side only. If the wheel is supported from both sides by a metal bar the hedgehog could get trapped between the bar and the support causing serious injuries.

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