Should I buy from a breeder or a pet store?

Most people including us will say no to buying from a pet shop but you have to understand that a hedgehog in a pet shop is going to be bought by someone at some point in time, so are you doing it a favour by being the one to buy it and taking it to a loving home, well the answer is yes you are, but, and this is where it starts to fall down, by buying the hedgehog from a pet shop you are encouraging them to get more, it’s a simple supply and demand.

The majority of pet shops do not know how to keep and care for hedgehogs, and bearing this in mind you will probably be getting an unhealthy, uncared-for grumpy little hedgehog, it also brings into question the people who are selling them to pet shops, are they ethical breeders?

Will you be getting the best advice from a pet shop, do they supply a care sheeted are they feeding them on, it will most likely be wild hedgehog food, which is high in fat. If you decide to get your hedgehog from an ethical breeder, they will ensure you have the correct advise and you will most likely receive a care package, which will come with all the information you should need to look after your hedgehog, they will normally come with a supply of food and information on what food they have been fed on, which makes the transition onto new food better for the hedgehog

So the answer to the question is not a simple one, but without doubt almost everyone will tell you that a breeder is the best and only place you should be going

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