Hats Off

Today has been one of alternatives. I planned on taking my 4 year old to the VE Day fair, sadly the safety concerns were too great and instead we found some lovely ideas for fundraising. One being a fashion show for hogs.
At the Age UK booth I found eggs with covers. They look too perfect to pass up for my photography sessions and dressing up my prickly princesses. My money went to another good cause, my son gets Kinder eggs, and I have these adorable hats to use in shoots.

Following my shopping spree we returned from the wind with several lucky dip prizes, balloon dinosaur, snap bracelet, bike reflector and free water bottle I suggested craft time.

I dug out some drinking straws, scissors, wiggly eye, paper plate, glue to create his hedgehog. It was a slow process but engaged discussion about quills for protection (4-5000 on average hog) and the name coming from their desire to dig in bushes (hedges) like pigs (hogs) for bugs and food.

My art skills alleviate boredom. With technology and gaming always at our fingers I decided to revert back to some doodling (phone had died). So I drew my darling quill friends. Using highlighters and biro at my desk on a post it note.  

I live creativity and smiles passionate about these animals related to the shrew not rodents. Combining them is a fabulous fiasco leading to relaxation and enjoyment.

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