Hog Train

Today I made a round-trip journey to Kings Cross for a hog. I left my family after a barbecue and watching the VE Day flyover to collect a rehome hedgehog. I got on the 14:52 train and arrived 45 short minutes later. I text the family I was meeting and minutes later I was greeted with a box of huff and smiling faces with sadness in their eyes.

 Doing the right thing when relocating for their pet was breaking their heart. I felt for them as I’d left my animals when I relocated countries, it is the right choice even if it is painful.

I accepted their gratitude for the rescue’s efforts, made my way to my return train at 16:23. I opened her carrier and held this frightened bundle taking in all her details. Such a curious girl compared to my others. She was silent and at ease as I handled her. The stares I got from fellow passengers were noteworthy but I was proud to be part of the journey. 

 Petunia has settled in her foster home. Her fleece liner and purple wheel clash but luckily her eyesight hasn’t allowed her to notice.