Homeward Bound

 Two foster hogs suurendered have now found forever homes. That’s three hedgehogs rehomed with our work at Aph Uk Rescue. We are changing to help more hogs and learning from mistakes.

Today we have over 300 members on our group and will celebrate with a raffle and giveaway to show our appreciation to supporters. I personally have found a passion in my work and take pride in these milestones the team have achieved.

More learning to be had I am sure in creating a website and preparing for upcoming events including a family fun day and hedgehog show. I’ve not attended either as a stall holder and feel nervous about representing our rescue. We have much to offer in terms of education on aph and the work our rescue is doing.

Tomorrow I will be enjoying a family day at Stilton Cheese Rolling Festival. My son aged four has been using sign language to help his verbal enthusiasm relating to the event. Cheese down a hill. I wouldn’t have imagined it would require a celebration or festival.