Long Time

Apologies for being so absent but I’ve been busy with three hogs, finding a new job, family, and our upcoming show preparations.

I feel the need to say we have YouTube videos on our channel with some explanations and how to. You can teach me new things and I found it so easy to use.

Often people ask with new hedgehog ownership how long does it take to bond with them? That’s a bit of a how big is a shadow question. No definitive answer.

Petunia came home at five months old and was instant and continues to be sweet loving girl to watch a film or do some work on my technical skills.

Peanut was two months. I brought her home at 12 weeks old. She finished quilling and is a ham for the camera. Peanut is prone to biting as chosen communication method. Nervous but too nosy to ball up.

Poki has been with me since March and a definite ball of nope. She is curious beyond her bravery but always had her visor down. Annointing every opportunity given, especially crumbs from my snacking, any movement or noise resulted in huffing, popping and balling tighter than a toddler’s hand on chocolate. Until tonight. Three nearly four months of handing and bonding bags (made by pawsup on Facebook) she was exploring my ginormous thighs using my palm safety nets and I heard a noise I’d yet to know. She purred. Of course I left my mobile in the other room so no evidence but the glow in the cockles of my heart.

If trying to bond with a hedgehog know the time it takes cannot be measured and only comes with consistency and patience.

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