Hogs Life

I read the post and intrigue filled me. Become a part of a team to make a difference. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Life as a mother, working full time, wife, pet owner should be enough, but I crave more. Surely my gratitude for what I have is plenty, yet to give something back after a day of office banter, being needed to make dinner, play a game and run a bath, read a story, before tucking into bed, walking and enjoying my four legged menagerie is the next milestone.

My application leads me here. The small team on a Facebook page raising awareness with supporters generosity. I’ve dropped many coins into donation tins for animal charities and rescues. Now I’m a member of one. Searching for African Pygmy Hedgehogs that need rehoming for plethora of reasons and spreading information about these hybrid animals.

I have been involved in rehoming one hedgehog, searching for homes for two in foster, and visiting a potential adopter today. My hedgehog is joining me to show what aph are as animals and pets, a ball of huff and quills most likely. Naturally shy, her reaction is referred to as ball of nope.

Nice thing about animals is it isn’t personal and always genuine. Socially awkward like me, bribed by food. Yes I’ve been bitten and quilled drawing blood, both hurt to no end. Why own one? Sadistic is an answer. I counter that with my recent photograph.

I raise awareness and donations. Not exactly world domination but paying forward kindness. Amazing people can ripple effect love and I’m proud to be a part of it.  Aph uk rescue page &  Aph uk rescue group

We are growing and grateful for donations received so far. Our most recent are jewels and keepsakes we will have at our upcoming shows and events.

 Other ways I help fundraise are photo competitions, raffles (dips), and merchandise such as decals and shirts. This is all new to me but my inbox offers messages of kindness and generosity, something the world needs more.