Drawing (13)Educating

Education is the cornerstone of our philosophy, here at the rescue we have over 10 years of experience of APH ownership. So we know what to feed to a hog and what not to. We know about the housing set up, knowing what size and which type of enclosure is very important to the wellbeing of your pet. African Pygmy hedgehogs also require to be kept at a certain temperature which lots of people do not realise. African Pygmy Hedgehogs are bred from the Algerian hedgehog and the four-toed hedgehog which is sometimes called the white bellied hedgehog. These beautiful animals are essentially wild animals that have been ‘domesticated’, but they still retain much of their wild instincts, like a fear of predators (humans). When frightened they form a ball of spikey quills, huff, pop and jump which to the novice owner is very painful, but it is surmountable with repeated handling. We are here to inform and help in every aspect of hedgehog ownership.

Drawing (11)Events

African Pygmy Hedgehog UK Rescue attend hedgehog related events around the UK as far North as Scotland and South as Cornwall. At these events which probably run for around 4-5 hrs we hold a fundraising table. We would be very grateful for any items which you could donate, raising vital funds to pay for any vets bills, food and transport for our hogs in foster. If you would prefer to send us a monetary donation either as a one off payment or as a regular monthly payment, we would be very grateful. You can do so via our paypal account, see paypal address below. Why not come and see us at an event near you? Have a look at our Events page to see where we will be attending next. If, you can’t see an event near to you, have a look around for somewhere that we may be able to hold an event, let us know and we will do the rest. 

Drawing (16)Fostering

This is a very important part of our work, as without them we couldn’t continue. Being a foster mum/dad to a hedgehog is very rewarding work but not for the novice hedgehog owner. A foster parent may need to make frequent trips to a vet (paid for by the rescue) - so a driving licence is preferable although not compulsory. Not all hogs that come into the rescue are due of a change in circumstance, sometimes it is to do with neglect or maybe the owner has got bored of their pet. These can be quite hard to handle, and may need extra patience in an attempt to bring them around. If you are a seasoned Hedgehog owner, and have some spare time on your hands to help us with our work by fostering a hog, we would love to hear from you.

Drawing (14)Rehoming

There are many reasons why someone may need to re-home a beloved pet. We are not here to judge, we are here to help. We see lots of these wonderful creatures on various sites up for rehoming, but the conditions in which they are kept, and the food they are being fed is all wrong and it is so sad. We will find a suitable forever home for your pet, we will be there every step of the transition period, and we will always be there in the background to help if we are ever needed. By allowing us to find a suitable home you can rest assured that your pet will be looked after properly and will never ever end up with an uneducated family. This is because, if life happens to the new owner, the hog returns back into foster until we find another suitable home.

Drawing (15)Rescues

Hedgehogs that come into our rescue, are there for a multitude of reasons. We won’t judge anyone that hands a hog in for whatever reason. Our goal is to ensure that all hedgehogs that come in to us, have a happy healthy life with someone that has the knowledge, not necessarily the experience, but the willingness to learn and take advice. Rescue hedgehogs can be quite difficult, depending on their previous experience. Female hogs will always be with the rescue for a minimum of 50 days, this is to ensure that the new keeper won’t have any little surprises to wake up to. When a hog is rehomed, we will endeavour to stay in contact with the new owner/keeper for the life of the hog.