Emma – Rehome

This is Emma she came into the rescue today, surrendered by her owner as they unfortunately could not afford to get Emma vet treatment. She has seen the vet tonight and they believe it to be a fatty lump as they couldn't draw anything from it. Your kind donations will help us pay for Emma's surgery and any other in need hogs we take in.

She's been to the vets today (30th December) and they don't think it feels like a tumor as its soft and squishy, she thinks it feels more like a fatty lump but if she thinks it's suspicious when she operates and isn't a fatty lump we'll be sending it for test.

Emma's home! She looks so different without her lump! Still active and eating so doing really well. It was a glandular lump, they're not sure of the cause but we have agreed to see how she's healing and if need be we can send the lump for testing, they keep it for 3 months anyway. Thank you all once again for your well wishes and donations xx