Nova – Rehome

Nova is a cinnicot male, he is 2 years old in July (2015).

So this is where he will need possibly a specialist home he is completely blind and since going blind has become very anti social this is not completely all down to him, it is down to personal circumstances that prevented the owner from being able to handle him, or giving him the time he needs and deserves he went blind six months ago after both eye balls ruptured within a week of each other both eyes have healed nicely and he goes about his merry little way and seems to be able to judge when dinner time is as he sits out and waits in front of his second food bowl for his mealworms and waxworms.

He well come with everything that we have for him as it would be better for him to have everything stay the same.11354845_10152822766736781_194566233_n

This little man has been well cared for and well looked after, he has had everything any hog could wish for, only one to one time is missing from his life.

He likes a cricket or two but obviously due to lack of sight they have to be incapacitated.

He only sleeps in shoe boxes witch in winter I add the strawberry to as he finds it easier to find the entrance with a box he has a thermostat and pet nap heat mat a large flying saucer wheel which is the only type he will use

Its probably a lot to ask of someone but he deserves better and deserves to be somewhere he will get the time and attention he needs thank you.

Pictures when Nova was being collected and settling in to his foster home.

Details for Nova - From his previous owner

  • Bedding and other washable bits are washed in Surecare washing powder.
  • He is blind but knows his way around his cage well. so his layout will need to remain the same.
  • I will also eat Iams cat biscuits, however this will make me smell really bad.
  • I am not a great lover of veg, however I may give it another go if its offered to me again.
  • I love going on my wheel any time of the day or night.
  • I have been to the vets only 3 times in my life, every time was to do with my eyes.
  • Since going blind I have become a grumpy boy with a tenancy to bite if I am surprised, I like my name being called to warn me you are there before hands come into my cage.
  • I like a hand underneath me when I'm bathed and I have a bath in Aveno Oil.
  • If you let me walk around on the bed, floor or in a playpen I need watching as I am a speed demon once I'm let go.

Pictures when Nova in his foster home.