Petunia – Rehome

Petunia is around six months old. She came to the rescue early in May as a rehome. Her owners were moving abroad and wanted the best for their pet. They contacted the rescue and one of our team met them at the station to collect Petunia.

On the train ride back Petunia didn't huff or ball. She loved snuggling into the crook of your arm and sleeping. She settled in quickly and although she's not keen on baths or nail trims, she is a friendly lady. Happily snuggles up for a film or to watch me work technology.

Petunia is a dark flake colour with an all white patch on her rump. Dark nose can always find a few mealies but also seeks out body odour and pit stink. Her light colour feet love to work a wheel into a frenzy. She enjoys live foods and mixed fruit and veg. Her wheel is where she does her best artwork. She's a live it up kind of hog that is too busy to use her litter tray unless she happens to be on it.

Petunia quickly stole her foster carter's heart with her social nature and gentle curiosity. Petunia is not a fan of cooked meats but anything insect is a delicacy to this lady. She will remain permanently with her foster carer where her kind personality adds new experience to the hoggy home.