Why a Pet APH

 They are prickly, huffy, expensive, demanding, high maintenance, destructive, and antisocial. I’ve asked our group for answers and it gave me pause. I owned them as a teenager and have been bitten, quilled, and used as a toilet yet I paid for the pleasure.

Aph are cute, bond with people, are honest about their feelings, and provide the calm after a busy day. They have soft bellies and out yoga most humans when they annoint.

It’s the quirkiness and cute factors I find endearing. In working with the rescue and in numerous hedgehog groups the community the knowledge is overwhelming and opinions various. Like any society it has friendship and a definite divide.

There’s the point of finding random quills in unknown places that either cause you to yelp in pain or examine with curiosity. Bathing them as needed, washing off poo boots, clipping nails, scrubbing vivarium and wheel, washing blankets, and getting used as a nappy are part and parcel of ownership. It’s my job to ensure food and water is available and their thermostat is adjusted for comfort. Much like having a newborn the demands of an aph are high.

Hedgehogs are a niche and not for the boring. It isn’t adrenaline rushes but bursts of success after persistence and patience pay off. The chirps of love and photo opportunities each hog provides with their unique personality make owning an aph, or being their slave worthwhile.